When working with fresh and vibrant compounds such as the marine bioactives and the herb-derived antioxidants that infuse the TARAMAR line of pure Icelandic skincare, you have to consider more than just the ingredients themselves to ensure the products are highly effective and deliver visible results. It’s also vitally important to create the correct atmosphere for their creation.

Not only do the facilities have to be pristine, clean and efficient, but also joyful, caring and relaxed. Imagine the difference between such a creative space where the products are handmade with love and tender care in a relaxed but inspiring atmosphere, compared to large factory locations with chaotic noise and machine vibrations.

Recent discoveries on Quantum Theory by scientists at Weizmann Institute Of Science have shown that the behavior of electrons changes when there is an observer present and that simply by watching something happen, the observer affects the observed reality (Nature Vol. 391, pp. 871-874; see review and video ). In other words, the mere act of observation can change the outcome of an event!

This is a phenomenon known as the Quantum Influence.

Just like the observations in the Weizmann Institute experiment, affected the behavior of the electrons, we believe that we affect the quality and excellence of the TARAMAR products by surrounding the whole process with joy, love and tender care – an outcome you can see in the amazing, visible results you get every time you use our products.