Liv Gunnhildur Stefánsdóttir This is a wonderful oil like all Taramar products.

EldaðmeðEbbu (Pure Ebba)  I’m totally addicted to Taramar  ❤

Inga DóraBjörgvinsdóttir  recommends Taramar. These products are Wonderful. I have used the whole line almost this year and feel a significant difference on the skin. The Pure Skincare Club is a real genius, I definitely recommend it.

Íris Ósk Jóhannsdóttir Erla Jóna Gísladóttir did you try the purifying treatment, it is ?

Magnea Helga 
Absolutely insane products the skin comes alive and shines I have tried quite a lot over the years and there is NOTHING that comes close to what these products do for the skin ?

Giovanna Rotondo  recommends Taramar. The purest and Best skincare I have ever used. I’m testing your products and I find them dramatically different from other organic ones on the market. They are gorgeous!!

Lauren Ford Brilliant, on a side note, I gave my mum some of the trials you gave me and she absolutely loves them, she usually used La Mer but thinks Taramar is better. She was asking me to ask if you ship to the UK yet if she wanted to buy some? 

Lisa Paperbark, Australia  I have been using your purifying treatment and day treatment every day and have been meaning to email you to tell you how much I am enjoying them. I have very sensitive skin and have never been able to use anything much on my face but my skin has not reacted at all and in fact hasn’t felt this good in a long time! Do both of these products contain our Fragonia and Sandalwood? Either way – well done to you guys, it’s a sensational product!!  

Helena Sigtryggsdottir  I have been using this product for a while. I think it is absolutely fantastic and I think the cleansing oil is the best I have used. Highly recommend this product

Hafdís Karlsdóttir á facebook These are great products, whether it is the cleansing oil that is a total hit, the serum or the day cream. Looking forward to seeing the new packaging

SigríðurRósaMagnúsdóttir This is a great product, I have been particularly sensitive around the eyes, but it has completely disappeared. Almost all cleansing oils / creams I have tried have caused irritation to the eye area, but for this oil it does not matter if it gets into the eyes, as they are 100% natural products.It is also good to know that now there are no toxins absorbed into the skin, as there are in many other skin products. Looking forward to seeing an expansion of the product range, could e.g. a hand lotion and “body lotion” from TARAMAR would be awesome