You can use the serum at any time of day. Most people include it in their morning routine and apply it under the Day Treatment. It is also excellent in the evening and in the first 1-2 weeks when you start using the serum you may like to apply it 2x per day. This will generate rapid and very beneficial changes to your skin. After the initial effects, a single application per day will suffice to maintain and gradually improve your skin.

To apply, pump the serum onto your fingers and apply carefully, especcialy around the eyes and mouth and where ever there is a formation of a wrinkle or a line. You may not need a whole pump for individual areas. However, you may also like to apply it to the whole facial area to reap the beneftis of the powerful collagen support and increased hydration.

More ideas on how to use

Problem Skin: We have records from people with all kinds of skin problems that have benefited from using the Serum.  This includes people with scleroderma, hard skin outgrowths, lesions, inflamed skin and dry skin.

Skin lesions: Many people have tested the serum on outgrowths and skin lesions and reported to us on an efficacy that at times has sounded miraculous.

However, please note that the Serum has not been clinically tested and we have not enough data to provide confirming evidence of how the serum works on different skin problems.