At Taramar, we work with pure and organic sources to create vibrationally unique skincare products that not only deliver visible results, but are also good for the skin inside and out. And we‘re happy to say that our dedication tot this mission has led us to so many new experiences and connections.

One of the fabulous people that we‘ve gotten to know right here in Iceland is  Ebba Guðný Guðmundsdóttir. Ebba is one of the most trusted bloggers in the region, focusing on organic and healthy food and lifestyle and a big fan of Taramar.

Here‘s more about Ebba‘s experience with our skincare line in her own words:

“I have been using the Taramar products for 5 years now and I feel I cannot live without them. I am not only happy with the TARAMAR products because of the fact that they are so clean that I could eat them but also because of the fact that they make my skin smooth, radiant and beautiful. They reduce fine lines and therefore lessen the need for makeup. That I can confirm!”

Ebba, we absolutely adore you too and hope to support your work in the future to help everyone who is ready to awaken to the power of nature and the amazing benefits the world around us can bring!

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